how to remove stone from ureter

How to Remove Stone from Ureter?

I. Introduction

A ureter stone is a crystallize fragment that develops inside the ureter. Dr. Soumyan Dey treats people with ureter stones. The occurrence of these transparent stones can lead to severe discomfort and restlessness. The normal symptoms of ureter stones comprise strong back or abdominal pain, nausea and occasionally blood in the urine.

II. Diagnosis

The diagnosis for ureter stones consists of several diagnosis tests, physical examination, and some imaging tests like X-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds used to foresee the stone’s size and location. In some cases urine tests may be taken to see the signs for infections or blood in urine that can also be due to ureter stone.

III. Treatment Options

There are two ways to treat ureter stones:

1. Non-Surgical Interventions:

The size of their ureter stones is small, and they are most expected to be treated on their own. Hence, non-surgical treatment is suggested for individuals who do not have a grave condition. This suggests the use of medications like NSAIDs and alpha blockers to ease the ureter muscles and the stone passage to go through. Drinking water in great amounts can help in blooming out the minor stones.

 2. Surgical Procedures:

Surgical involvements are essential, and it is a must if the size of the ureter stone is big, as it leads to solid pain and other difficulties like urinary region infections or kidney damage. Ureteric Stone Removal Surgeon in Navi Mumbai offers people a good and painless surgery.

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The surgical interventions typically include two procedures:

a) Ureteroscopy:

Under this procedure, a thin, flexible scope is injected into the ureter to picture and eradicate the stone using special equipment directly.

b) Lithotripsy:

This involves the use of shock waves to break down the stone into tiny remains to make it easier to pass or remove from the body by using different means.

IV. Recovery and Prevention

Post-treatment Care and Potential Complications

It is recommended that the patient follow the guidelines and instructions after the ureter stone removal, which include the following:

  • Increase the intake of water to keep decreasing the risk of stone formation again in future as it facilitates the urine flow.
  • Use pain relievers and antibiotics as prescribed by your healthcare.
  • Seek medical help quickly if you feel any discomfort or signs of infection; visit Ureteroscopy Urs Doctor In Navi Mumbai if you are looking for experts.

Tips for Preventing Future Ureter Stone Formation

  • Avoid food that contains too much salt or is high in oxalates. Rather, get a balanced diet with proper hydration.
  • Adapt a habit of doing regular physical activity to reduce the chances of obesity, as it is also a cause of the increased risk of kidney stones.        
  • Do regular checkups to look after the state of your functioning and treat any underlying health condition if it exists.

V. Conclusion

Ureter stones can lead to a lot of uneasiness and pain, but they can be treated with the right treatment. Consult Dr. Soumyan Dey for queries or treatment for ureter stones. Nevertheless, make a habit of drinking more water and eating a balanced diet. Doing these will reduce the chances of ureter stones to a great extent.