What to expect after ureteral stent removal

What to Expect After Ureteral Stent Removal?

1. Introduction

An ureteral stain is a lean and flexible material that inserted into the ureter carries urine from Kidney to the bladder. The aim of ureter stain is to provide proper urine flow from kidney to bladder while there is a blockage in the ureter. The blockage in the ureter due to many factors such as stone in kidney tumors or blood clot in kidney.

This blockage can cause extreme pain, infection or severe damage in the Kidney. These stents are primarily formed with plastic or metal then put into the ureter.  Stents provide help to keep the ureter open and help the ureter to pass urine without any blockage. These are sometimes used temporarily or placed for a few weeks to many months depending on the client’s condition.

2. The Removal Process

The ureteral stent removal is a minor procedure if it gets done by expert doctors for ureteral stents in Navi Mumbai. Doctors will insert a movable cystoscope through the urethra while you can have a glance of the procedure through the camera.But if your stents are attached with  any strings ,your doctor will easily pull it out from the ureter. The entire removal procedure generally takes a few minutes for completion and your urinary functions work normally afterward.

3. Immediate Effects

During the procedure some patients may experience mild discomfort or some might feel excessive pain after the removal. Often patients experience burning sensation, urge of repeated urine, even some bleeding. One of the most severe effects after ureteral stent removal is bleeding while urinating which is considered normal if in moderate amounts and for a small period. You may also encounter the urgency of urination and a burning sensation after the removal.

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4. Recovery Period

Ureteral stent removal process normally takes a week to fully recover but the immediate effects can be lowered by following up the guidance of Doctors for ureteral stents in Navi Mumbai. First of all, drink an adequate amount of water to lower the burning sensation and bladder discomfortness. Along with that, strictly maintain the prescribed pain-relievers to manage the pain. Moreover, maintain your regular follow-up to monitor any severe complication after removal.

5. Follow-Up Care

Follow up consultation after ureteral stain removal is very important to have proper recovery. We need to keep check on all the complications such as infection blockage or any abnormal kidney function. Patients always have to drink an adequate amount of water to reduce symptoms such as pain, blood in urine fever or to avoid any stressful activities.

Patience always needs to take proper medication and always report any abnormal symptoms to your urologist in Navi Mumbai to prevent any severe issues.

6. Conclusion

Ureteral stain removal is a unique but simple and prompt procedure that helps patients to recover in a very short span of time. Patients might face temporary unusual discomfort, urgency in urine pass and mild level pain just after removal. Drinking fluid material and water can help to reduce these effects. Follow up consultation is essential for proper healing and to cure any complications.Consulting with a urologist in Navi Mumbai can help to get access for expert care and guidance for the entire process and confirm speedy recovery.