Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in Navi Mumbai

The prostate is a gland surrounding your urethra. Enlarged prostate is a common problem in people above 60-65 years. As you age, the prostate enlarges, increasing the risk of cancerous tumor growth. The tumor could be benign or cancerous, although both symptoms are often the same. The inability to urinate, frequent urination, blood in the urine, and urine at low stream are the symptoms of enlarged prostate cancer.

Men who are at a higher risk of prostate cancer, such as those with a history of cancer or men above 50 years, should take the PSA test periodically. 

Dr. Soumyan Dey, the Prostate Cancer Surgeon in Navi Mumbai, India,  specializes in diagnosing and treating Prostate Cancer, prostate enlargement, urinary tract stones, and other urological cancers. First, the doctor recommends digital rectal examination and blood tests to identify the chances of prostate cancer. Then, they perform prostate biopsy and MRI to get a clear picture of the prostate glands and the stage of cancer.

Prostate Cancer treatment in India

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

For enlarged prostate cancer treatment, consult Dr. Soumyan Dey – Best Uro Onclologist in Navi Mumbai to diagnose the disease. Depending on the cancer stage, the doctor might recommend surgical removal of the tumor and radiation therapy to kill the remaining cancerous cells. The doctor is specialist of enlarged prostate cancer surgery and can perform open surgery, Laparoscopic procedure, and Robotic surgery for Prostate Cancer to remove the prostate gland.

  1. Radiation and Hormone Therapies

    These are equally effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. However, the treatments are not recommended for patients experiencing extreme symptoms of prostate cancer. If you have difficulty urinating, pain in the lower belly, and excess blood in your urine, surgical removal of the prostate gland is the most viable choice. Although radiation can kill cancerous cells completely, the doctor recommends it for only those with no problem with urination. That’s because if cancer re-occurs, it is tough to perform surgery.

2. For Locally Advanced Cancer

The doctor performs surgery in combination with radiation therapy for locally advanced cancer. In addition, therapy is given as a secondary treatment to kill cancer that has spread in the pelvis area.

3. If cancer has spread outside the prostate gland,

the doctor doesn’t recommend the surgical removal of the prostate or radiation therapy. They give hormone therapy instead. That’s because the prostate is the reproductive gland in males. It’s totally dependent on your testosterone levels. So the only way to control cancer from spreading further is by reducing testosterone production or blocking it completely.

The Survival rate for Prostate Cancer Surgeries

The 5-year survival rate for patients with advanced prostate cancer is 30%, although most patients live a good life for the next few years so long as they get hormone therapy.

Consult Dr Soumyan Dey, an expert Prostate Specialist in Navi Mumbai providing Prostate Cancer Treatment in Navi Mumbai.

FAQ's about prostate cancer treatment
Re-occurence of prostate cancer is not uncommon. In fact, there is a 15-30 percent chance of the cancer re-occuring after radiation, surgery, and hormone therapy. After the surgery, the doctor keeps monitoring your PSA level to identify any symptoms of reoccurrence. Even if cancer reoccurs, the 3-year survival chances of the patients are quite reasonable. The doctor recommends a PSA test every 3 months after the surgery.
The most common complications of the surgery are erectile dysfunction and the inability to hold urine. However, the surgical procedure has advanced to a stage where it’s become possible to manage these symptoms effectively. Incontinence is rare, but a possibility. Removal of the prostate doesn’t affect your quality of life, as it is not an essential organ. Once your reproductive life is over, there is no need for a prostate. If you experience any problem with urination or the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, contact Dr. Soumyan Dey for effective cancer treatment.