Kidney cancer treatment

How Fast Does Kidney Cancer Spread?

Kidney cancer is the cancerous growth in your kidneys. It starts with a few cells that multiply in large numbers rapidly and spread within and outside the kidneys. These quickly multiplying cells might form a mass. Kidney cancer that spreads to the nearby organs is called metastatic cancer or cancer in its IV stage. Renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of kidney cancer, has many subtypes. The rate at which the cancer cells spread depends largely on how aggressive the cancer is. The cells usually spread to the lymph nodes and lungs, but they can also go beyond that, depending on the type of cancer.

Chromophobe, capillary, and clear cells are the most common subtypes of kidney cancer. Of these, the clear cell is the most aggressive one. A vast majority of kidney cancer patients are diagnosed with clear cell renal carcinoma, which spreads aggressively across your kidneys and other vital organs. In addition to the lungs, the cells might spread to your liver and bones too. Chromophobe is less likely to occur and has only a 7% chance of spreading to the surrounding tissues.

How does Renal Cell Carcinoma Spread?

As cancer starts spreading, it enters your bloodstream. It can also reach the adrenal gland found right on top of the kidneys. Once these cells reach your blood vessels, they are transferred to your veins and arteries. Your lymph nodes are connected to your entire body and are primarily responsible for fighting infections. But, once these get infected with the cancer cells, they might weaken, affecting your body’s ability to cope with infection.

As mentioned before, cancer most likely spreads to your lungs first, but it can reach your brain, liver, and other vital organs. The worst part is that renal carcinoma rarely produces symptoms in the early stages. Even if it does produce symptoms, these are often confused with infections and other conditions. That’s why kidney cancer is associated with a high mortality rate and is one of the most difficult to treat. It often goes unnoticed in the first few stages.

Cancer starts in the tubules. They multiply rapidly within the kidneys and grow to form a mass or a tumor. It can spread the nearby organs in multiple ways. The cells usually invade the nearby blood vessels and then enter your lymph nodes, through which these are carried to other parts of your body. The survival rate for kidney cancer patients depends on how aggressively the cancer has spread. If the metastasis is confined to the lungs and kidney, there is a good chance of 5-year survival. 

Treatment for Kidney Cancer

The treatment also depends on where cancer has spread and the size of the tumor. If the cancer is within the kidney, chemotherapy in conjunction with surgical removal of the tumor is recommended. You may need radiation therapies with complete or partial removal of the kidney if cancer has spread beyond that. The surgeon might also remove tissues and lymph nodes affected by these cells.

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